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Late date by Leonid Afremov :iconleonidafremov:Leonidafremov 215 8 ocean 26 :iconhengki24:Hengki24 31 14 night 10 :iconhengki24:Hengki24 55 13 ocean 46 :iconhengki24:Hengki24 346 68 dwell :iconhengki24:Hengki24 371 59
Greatest Mistake
You're deep asleep, lying next to me.
I'm wide awake, wishing I was somewhere else, with someone else - doing something else.
You're my greatest mistake and tonight I wish it was undone.
I want to be a little girl, running carefree through alfalfa fields again.
I want to be that little girl, because she'd never laid eyes on you.
You take a breath, and I realize that mine matches yours.
You shift in your sleep and your face crumples with a dream.
My heart leaps, the betrayer.
But my mind insists that you're my greatest mistake.
Suddenly your eyes are open and you are looking up at me.
You smile sleepily at me, and I feel my lips turn up.
I cannot help but love you.
You, my greatest mistake.
I can't ever be a little girl, running carefree through alfalfa fields, again.
I don't want to be that little girl, who had never laid eyes on you.
:icontheknell:TheKnell 13 16
by the look of it
‘what does thunder look like?’
we sat on my sun porch roof. close enough that our shoulders touched. when the sky rumbled, it vibrated in our chests. and we felt it between each other too.
‘it looks like lightning.’
he stared out at the secret forest in my backyard. it wasn’t really a forest, or secret. it was my neighbor’s yard, but it was the closest thing to a wild place.
‘no. lightning looks like lightning. what does thunder look like?’
i stared at him. at his profile against the grey clouds that hung level with our heads. when we were on the roof, we were far away. untouchable. unreachable.
‘i suppose it looks invisible, since you can’t see sound.’
there was lots of sound here. not noise, but sound. out on the roof, i could look out and see the trees dip and shush, dip and shush. i could see wind pull and grab and howl. i could see birds carried like musical notes on the invisible skyway. i could see all the sounds.
:iconzaratops:Zaratops 14 22
i can't sleep because
im thinking about scary movies
rough hands and your mouth.
the way it moves when you mumble and
the crease at the corner when you smile.
i keep singing the same song
by that boy everybody loves
about feeling alone, so alone.
so now i think about my life and how
it seems so empty for all i pull into it
and i want to cry but i wont because
it doesn't help at all.
i just pretend you're coming
to see me maybe tomorrow
and i pretend i have you to
look for when i wake up.
i can almost feel you holding
on to me, onto my hand like
there's nothing more real
in the whole wide world than
what is here between us.
im not sure where you will be in
the next days and months and years
but i can't sleep because i'm still
thinking about you and the way
your arm used to rest in the small
of my back.
and the way you would pull the sheets up
all the way to your chin in your sleep.
and the whispers that
passed between our lips
like the kisses we shared
while imagining we were
the only o
:iconzaratops:Zaratops 39 41
Our love is lazy in July
and blooms between the curtains
bursting the shutters
and bentwood rockers in the garden
where you sit  
sipping cool
and eating melon
lush as pink
the juice slowly trickling down
and bronzing my skin
where your fingers tell stories
on my lips gone warm with you.
:iconscarlettletters:Scarlettletters 163 130
come north,
stop hearing, just listen
the fields whisper
golden seeds caught amidst her sunbeam hair.
she fishes in her dreams down by the river
where you used to live.
sleeping in the mist where children
play hide and seek,
you forget the wind stories and the
meadow lark’s voice.
she sings, a red-winged blackbird’s lament
do you hear her, do you hear her?
come north,
breathe the earth smell,
freckled and warm.
she wears it on her skin rich with dew.
sticky bronze honey, and the taste of her lips:
all there in your head, all where you left it.
slipping away into the night
where half glimpsed,
your limbs entangle someone else’s.
alabaster, pearls and milk.
but it is not her, it is not
her constellation skin.
come north,
touch the path with your
childlike feet.
she stirs the dust that you settled, every day
with longing calm seas beneath closed eyes.
and her fingers tingling with your traces lingering.
dreaming between two worlds
of hills and valleys, fields and plains.
:iconzaratops:Zaratops 38 35
I think I'm crazy, maybe
"Dear girl,
what happened to you?"
"three beers and a glass of baileys. it wasn’t much, but it did the job. I puked up my dinner and went to sleep. tell me, what sort of things do you like?"
"I like blue eyes and skies, oceans, and fields that look like they have no end. they make me think maybe people have no end, too."
"I have blue eyes."
"then I must like you."
"Dear boy,
I'm wearing a turtle neck sweater; you're wearing a rabbit foot's luck. I don't know if we're moving too fast or not fast enough."
"this is wrong."
"I know."
"I could stop, but I won't."
"I can't stop, but I'll try."
"Dear boy,
don’t write me letters about roses or about the gymnastics I make your heart do. don’t tell me which songs remind you of me. tell me about how you know which paints to mix. tell me how blood makes you feel. write me a story about the sound of the rain. write me a story about long hallways. write me a story about the broken florescent lights. tell me about the beautiful thi
:iconawasteof-paint:Awasteof-paint 163 162
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Artist | Literature
Current Residence: Toronto
Favourite genre of music: Rock N Roll
Oh hey dudes.
How's it going friends?

2005 was the last time I was "active" on here. (Hence the horrible 2005 photos - check the scenario - I had just gotten my first camera/was like, 17 yrs old and silly/was dating a photographer/thought I could also capture beauty through a lens).
I cleaned out most of the crappier crap from my gallery, and left the...crap that makes me think back to that time and how little and dopey I was.
Guys, I gotta tell ya, I am by no means a photographer. Really though. Can you tell? :bucktooth:
I'm a writer, that's what I do, I write.
I'll probably be putting up some of my err, well(?)-versed strings of words in the near future (more like ramblings of a high-minded lowlife.)
The photos that I DO put up, will either be self-portraits, or stuff that I think looks rad and/or evokes some kind of rad feeling. I wish there was a category called "pictures that are kinda cool" because I feel slightly ashamed to put them up under "photography".
Browsing through the photography on here, I'm fucking awe-struck. Some of it is so lovely I cannot bear it.
And then there's me with my bunky little digital camera putting up poor quality images...
I'm a writer, remember? Please god, just remember.

Anyway, enough with this malarkey - it's 3:30 am for crying out loud.

"Do you know what I was smiling at? You wrote down that you were a writer by profession. It sounded to me like the loveliest euphemism I had ever heard. When was writing ever your profession? It's never been anything but your religion."

PS: Read more books.

PPS: My talent is handicapped by laziness.

Love, Kat.
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